Chuck Carter Publisher

A graduate of Western University, Chuck has over 20 years experience in Internet software development. He is an award-winning amateur photographer and occasional writer, with his first mystery novel published in 2015 by Cozy Cat Press. He handles our web development, magazine production, marketing, and strategic development.

Kerry Carter Editor

Kerry holds a BA from The University of Manitoba and certificates from Western and Waterloo universities. She is an avid reader of mystery fiction, and is never far from her manual of style. Her responsibilities include copyediting, reading submissions, preparing contracts and paying writers. She also maintains our social media accounts.


We do everything we can for our submitting authors. We don't have strict style requirements, because we know writers have better things to do than reformat their story for each publisher. So go ahead and use that Comic Sans!

If accepted, a digital contract is sent out by email and payment is made immediately through PayPal. Simultaneous, but not multiple. submissions are permitted.

We are happy to assist authors with the submission process for awards, and promote our authors in social media.


The name Mystery Weekly refers to the stories published in our weekly newsletter. These sample stories are intended to build awareness of our paid monthly issues, which include our weekly stories plus bonus stories and content. Our monthly magazine is delivered to subscribers in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats, and is distributed worldwide through Kindle Newsstand, Flipster, and Amazon in digital and print formats. We are a Mystery Writers of America approved publisher.


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