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U-Solve-It Mystery

In interactive fiction you control the main character His challenges, and his choices, are yours.

Although you can use full sentences, it helps to know a few common commands such as Look, Examine, Get, hello, take inventory, North, South, East, West, etc.

Type Help in the story's input box for details. To save your game, type 'Save'. Use 'Restore' to continue a saved game.

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What is Mystery Magazine?

We are a monthly short fiction mystery magazine, available to over 30,000 libraries worldwide through Flipster, and by subscription on Kindle Newsstand and our website. Print On Demand (print) issues are also available on Amazon. This APP is a convenient way of enjoying our stories on-the-go and buying the individually using tokens.

What are tokens?

Tokens are point currency this APP uses for unlocking (buying) short stories. A token is equivalent to 1 penny of real money. So a 25 token story costs 25 cents. When you buy tokens using your credit card or PayPal, we add them to your balance displayed on the 'Tokens' button below.

How do I get free tokens?

You can earn 50 credits just for completing your account information using the Account button. Free tokens can also be earned by performing social actions that help spread the word about Mystery Magazine. We pay you 5 tokens for every comment you leave on a story, and 1 token for each unique day you visit this APP. We also unlock a new story every week or two.

How do I submit a story?

Visit the submissions page on our Mystery Magazine website.

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